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Sarah deCaussin

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Sarah deCaussin is an Arizona native.

She studied marketing at ASU and got her real estate license in 2014. Sarah originally got her real estate license to support her and her husband’s passion for buying and remodeling homes. After a handful of flips their passion soon turned into a business: Junction Properties. They have done projects in the magical zip code 85254, central Scottsdale 85250 and North Scottsdale (Los Gatos + Pima Acres).

In addition to representing Junction Properties in all of their deals, Sarah also represents both buyers + sellers. Growing up in AZ she has made many natural connections. Friends + Family have kindly given her the opportunity to grow her business as a real estate agent. She has quickly developed the reputation as a master negotiator! Sarah also serves as a partner in recruiting for Axon International. During their interview process they often include Sarah to take recruits out and sell Arizona (which is easy for an Arizona native)!!

Sarah has been married to Bradley since 2006. They have 3 children: Jack (almost 10), Claire (8) and Taylor (4). They consider themselves a sporty family and enjoy golf, tennis and hiking. They also share a love for God and attend church at CCV.


602 793 1232

4250 N Drinkwater Blvd Suite #300

Scottsdale, AZ 85251