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About Nicola Newbery.

Nicola grew up in England and moved to the USA in 2001. She lived in CT for a couple of years before she and her husband, David built their first home in RI. Nicola’s love of homes and gardens started when she watched her father design and build their family home in England. Although Nicola’s career led her down the teaching and education path for a couple of decades, she finally decided it was time to follow her dream after moving to the Phoenix area. Nicola immediately fell in love with the desert and real estate was her calling.

Nicola loves spending time with her husband and two children. She enjoys being outdoors and in her spare time likes to kayak, hike local trails or sit in her back yard and paint. Her experience in teaching has taught her great communication skills, patience, and the ability to work well with families. When it comes to design, Nicola has an eye for detail whether it be in the interior or exterior of a home, planning landscaping and gardens.

Nicola is delighted to be part the Collective Concepts team and looks forward to helping her clients find their dream home here in the beautiful desert.

Here are just some things Nicola’s colleagues and neighbors have to say…

“I can without hesitation state she is a caring, passionate, and loyal person.”

“Nicola is a person who believes in doing her best and striving for excellence. She is a hard worker who always puts her best effort. Nicola pays attention to details and believes it is important to present herself and her work with care.”

“Nicola is consistently showing us all how to be better people and neighbors.”


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